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Level 1

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level 1 swimming skill 1

Skill 1 - Conditioning

Step 1

Response positively to command: "Name", Ready. Go!

Step 2

Encourage the child making them feeling happy and relaxed.

Step 3

When the child is relaxed, let them play with water splashing, feel the water in their face, hold them on the side, feel the buoyancy on their body, and importantly finish on the high note.

Goal: The child feeling relax and engage with the environment.
level 1 swimming skill 2

Skill 2 - Front Float

Step 1: Holding the child

Your child are lying flat and well balanced on the water supported by the teacher.

Step 2: Part of face in water

Your child can put face in water partially (mouth or nose or both) with support from the teacher.

Step 3: Face in float

Your child can put full face in water with support from the teacher.

Step 4: Independent front float

Here we looking for the child to be supported by the buoyancy of the water. Once in the water, hand is released so that the child feel the buoyancy in the body. We can move to the next level, once your child can consistently perform this drill.

Goal: The child float independently and feel buoyancy of the water.
level 1 swimming skill 3

Skill 3 - Back Float

Step 1: Shoulder supported

Your child can comfortably rest the back of the head on teacher's shoulder

Step 2: Both hands supported

Your child can back float supported by teacher's hands on the back of the child's head or shoulder.

Step 3: One hand supported

Your child can back float comfortably with teacher holding the back of the child's head with one hand.

Step 4: Independent back float

Your child can back float for 5-10 seconds after teacher gradually release the hands from the child.

Goal: The child can float independently on their back.
level 1 swimming skill 4

Skill 4 - Water Submersion

Step 1: Submerge to teacher

Your child can submerge, swim and grab the teacher arm length distance away.

Step 2: Submerge to another person

Your child can swim to you in a short distance.

Step 3: Edge to teacher

Your child sitting on the edge can swim to teacher.

Step 4: Teacher to edge

Your child can swim from teacher and grab the edge of the pool.

Goal: The child face in water, swim to grab poolside independently.
Level 1 swimming skill 5

Skill 5 - Turning & Recovering

Step 1: Assisted shoulder turn in shallow water

Your child can get into the water, turn back and grab the wall with the teacher's help. As the child get more comfortable, the amount of help from teacher will gradually reduce.

Step 2: Assisted shoulder turn in deeper water

Your child can get into deeper water (1 metre from surface) before turning to the side. As the child get more comfortable, the swim teacher will gradually hand off in the turning process.

Goal: The child can turn in the water and recover to poolside.
Level 1 swimming skill 6

Skill 6: Water Safety

Step 1: Monkey move

Your child can hold the side of the pool and move from side to side shuffling their hand and not letting go.

Step 2: Climb out of pool independently

Your child can climb out of any pool independently and perform safe entry into the water.

Step 3: Swimming in different conditions

Your child can swim with clothing on and or without google.

Step 4: Communications

Your child can listen and follow instructions from the teacher, when its safe to enter water or not.

Goal: The child can follow basic water safety rules.