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Level 3

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level 3 swimming skill 1

Skill 1 - Streamline kicking

Step 1: Arms position

Your child can put their hand on top of each other, behind the head.

Step 2: Kick drills

Your child can perform nice floppy kick with shoulder, board support and finally independently.

Goal: The child can achieve streamline or torpedo kick.
level 3 swimming skill 2

Skill 2 - Catchup Arms

Step 1: Standing practice

Your child's hand can scoop the water out, with thumb touches the leg, and hand back to the front

Step 2: Shoulder practice

Your child can perform step 1 with shoulder support while putting head in the water.

Step 3: Kickboard practice

Your child can progress with catchup arm using kickboard looking down in the water all time.

Step 4: Independence catchup arm

Your child can comfortably perform catchup arms and kicking with little help from teacher.

Goal: The child can perform beginner arm for freestyle.
level 3 swimming skill 3

Skill 3 - Back kicking

Step 1: Standing practice

Your child is able to keep body still while arm move back and forth in paddling motion

Step 2: Back support

Your child can push off the wall with head looking backward with help from teacher.

Step 3: Elbow support

Your child have to do more to maintain the position with only elbow support from teacher.

Step 4: Independence back kick

Your child can independently back kick for extended distance.

Goal: The child can back kick independently with head looking backward.
level 3 swimming skill 4

Skill 4 - Freestlye breathing

Step 1: Bubble and Breathing arm

Your child practice breathing on standing with bubble arm holding poolside.

Step 2: 6 kicks, roll and breathe

Your child practice with shoulder & board support, and finally independently.

Goal: The child can freestyle arm on kicking, while rolling to the side to breathe.
Level 3 swimming skill 5

Skill 5 - Backstroke

Step 1: Static single arm backstroke

Your child practice against the wall, with hand lifting and pushing down to the side, with the count of 6 seconds in between each arm.

Step 2: Single arm backstroke

Your child can push off the wall, with head looking backward, 6 kicks, arms up and push to the side.

Step 3: Static olympic backstroke

Your child practice alternating the arm movements at the same time.

Step 4: Olympic backstroke

Your child practice with teacher holding the elbow, changing arms after 6 counts.

Goal: The child can independently perform backstroke with head looking backward for extended distance.
Level 3 swimming skill 6

Skill 6: Freestyle

Step 1: Catchup freestyle with breathing

Your child practice catchup arm, roll to breathe for approximately 15 meters.

Step 2: Olympic freestyle

Your child practice freestyle with arm moving at the same time.

Step 3: Flipper and bi-lateral breathing

Your child practice with flipper making it fun.

Goal: The child can independently perform freestyle for extended distance.