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level 4

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level 4 swimming skill 1

Skill 1 - Gliding

Step 1: Starting position

Your child can lean forwards and put face in the water, and put feet together with the heels almost touching the bum.

Step 2: Push off the wall

Your child can push off the wall with the feet. The child is now gliding in the water like a board.

Goal: The child can glide for extended distance.
level 4 swimming skill 2

Skill 2 - Breastroke Arms Action

Step 1: Starting with arm stroke

Your child can breathe out slowly, starting with arm stroke. Don’t start to move the leg first.

Step 2: Circle arms 1

Your child can pull the hands outwards until they are about level with shoulders, and start to bend downwards.

Step 3: Circle arms 2

Your child can pull the hand downward keeping elbow up, with fingertips pointing to the bottom of the pool.

Goal: The child can perform circle arms for breastroke.
level 4 swimming skill 3

Skill 3 - Recovery

Step 1: Lifting the head

Your child can lift the head and shoulders out of water during the arm pull. Don’t pull the hands past the line of the shoulder.

Step 2: Breathing

Your child can bring hands together in front of the chest and take a breathe when the head is at the highest point.

Goal: The child can perform breathing with circle arm.
level 4 swimming skill 4

Skill 4 - Propulsive Leg Actions

Step 1: Moving the legs

Your child can start to move the legs, with the knees moving forward. Your child can push the hands forward quickly, with the heads sink into the water.

Step 2: Inward leg action

Your child can pull the heels towards your bum, and turn your feets outwards.

Step 3: Outward leg action

Your child can push back and down with the inside of feet.

Step 4: Extend the legs

Your child's legs are extended, breathing out slowly, and move them towards one another.

Goal: The child can circle leg action for breastroke.
level 4 swimming skill 5

Skill 5 - Intro to Butterfly (Dolpin Kick)

Step 1: Standing practice

Your child can perform fat cat, scary cat drill. Fat cat with hip down, stomach out. Scary cat with hip up, bum out.

Step 2: Board drill

Your child can undulate the body smoothly in the water, with hip driving the leg action.

Step 3: Caterpillar drill

Your child can perform dolphin kick with hands in front.

Step 4: Underwater dolphin kick

Your child can perform dolphin kick underwater with the help of short fin.

Goal: The child can confidently perform dolphin kick inside the water and underwater.