Mobile payment at your convenience

Making it convenient

You can now choose to make payment to the swim teacher using PayNow service.

Can I make my payment on per lesson basis?

Some parents have concerns over making monthly payment to their swim teacher, and the issue is due mainly to inconvenience tracking and monitoring their kid’s attendance by themselves. This is true, as kids nowadays have various extra-curriculum activities, outside their school schedules. So it become a challenge for parents to keep track and be always on top.

Arrange for makeup lesson

Makeup lesson is necessary sometime due to bad weather and other ad-hoc situations.

If your child missed out on a class, you can arrange for makeup with the swim teacher. Makeup lesson usually happen on the weekday, as on weekend, the swim teacher may be pre-occupied conducting classes from their normal schedules.

We do hope parents can trust our swim teacher that they will responsibly track the kid’s attendance. We want to strive for an all inclusive experience for the kids, parents and swim teacher.