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Swimsafer Gold

swimsafer gold singapore swimming goal


The child can perform strokes with greater efficiency over extended distance of 400 metres. The child will be also be assessed on lifesaving readiness. Standing dive and advanced personal water survival skills will continue to be taught.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 1

Skill 1 - Entries & Exits

Your child demonstrate a standing dive.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 2

Skill 2 - Sculling & Body Orientation

Your child Keep face above the water surface for 60 seconds using legs only.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 3

Skill 3 - Underwater Skills

Your child search for and recover an object in 1.8 metres of water depth. Demonstrate equalising of ear/nose.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 4

Skill 4 - Movement/Swimming/Strokes

Swim 400 metres continuously

- 100 metres Breaststroke

- 100 metres Front Crawl

- 100 metres Backstroke

- 100 metres Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke

Your child must demonstrate Efficient stroke techniques.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 5

Skill 5 - Survival & Activity skills

Dressed in swimwear, long pants, long- sleeved shirt , shoes and socks, perform the following sequence:

Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method swim 5 metres underwater to simulate an escape form a sinking boat surrounded by oil.

Swim a further 45 metres as if escaping from a dangerous situation.

Remove shoes and then swim slowly for further 50 metres using any preferred swim stroke occasionally signalling for help.

Remove clothing in deep water.

Fit PFD correctly while treading water, swim 100 metres using appropriate strokes.

Demonstrate HELP technique and climb out of the water whilst wearing the PFD

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 6

Skill 6: Rescue Skills

Your child use suitable buoyant aid, tow (non-contact) rescue of a person 10 metres from safety.

swimsafer gold singapore swimming skill 7

Skill 7: Knowledge

Your child understand Principles when performing a rescue.