Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully.

Engagement of Service is conditioned on your acceptance with these Terms.

1. For swimming lessons conducted in private residential, please kindly check with condo management which day(s) of the week are open for teaching. Do take note: Some condo management does not allow coaching on weekend and public holiday.

2. Each class will comprise of 4 lessons per month.

3. Duration for private lesson will range between 30 - 60 minutes depending on age group & level of competency. (Children younger than five years of age tend to have short attention spans that typically last 30 minutes or less.)

4. Payment shall be made in full (4 lessons) before commencement, if both party agree on engagement of service.

5. Thereafter, parents or individual(s) will forward payment on the 1st week of each month.

6. Please provide 1 month notice if wish to discontinue from our swimming classes .